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Happy Father’s Day!

16 Jun

Dad. Our eternal fix-it guy. Our ever present dude. I hadn’t gone all out for Dad yet, and it was high time to!

But I had limited time. I had a few hours to pull this thing off, so I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration (who doesn’t, right?!)

I found this great pin at Sweet Designs with some great FREE printables. Whoo hoo! Cute, free, easy to recreate, this is my kind of place! I cut out some neck-ties for bottle toppers, and the banner, and headed out to Walmart for candy to make this cute candy topiary (thanks Lookie What I Did) and a few other odds and ends.

The tree was easier to put together than I thought. My glue gun was acting up at first, but eventually, it started coming together.


If you don’t have a glue gun, straight pins will work.


Some twine for the banner, and photos printed and put into the frame, and ta-da! A set-up to celebrate Dad today!



Pinteresting Times

22 Sep

Having spent most of my time waiting for the purchase of my new home on pins and needles, I looked to Pinterest as a form of escapism. Little did I know it would suck me in to projects…..

So the famous Mod Podge coasters. Yeah, I gave it a whirl. After trips to Home Depot for some supply or another, countless trips to K-Mart in search of the right acrylic coat, and a few evenings cussing under my breath in Michael’s, I finally had four coasters I wasn’t ashamed to hand my mother for Mother’s Day.


Of course, this needed to be followed by bird nest jewelry…


And who can forget, original artwork by a five year old for Grandma…


Happy pinning!