Pastelitos de Guayaba

23 Nov

It wasn’t until I left Miami that I realized not everyone was familiar with such delicacies as churros, pan Cubano, turrón, or even the almighty lechonsito asado. I landed in Louisiana and developed instead a taste for blacked gator, boudin, and mufalletas. Look, there was a good reason I put on 15 lbs living in that state: the food is awesome!

But as good as it was there, and California, and overseas for a while – – it just wasn’t home.

And then, I was let in on a secret–I can make pastelitos in my own kitchen without slaving over phyllo dough!

And now, you can too 😉

Start with a block of guava paste and a thawed box of puff pastry: 20121122-191417.jpg

Open a pastry sheet and lay it out an parchment. I usually roll over it to smooth it out


Using a pizza cutter, I slice up the dough and cut if the wobbly edges


Then, add a small slice of guayaba


Fold and seal the pastries. I recommend using a wet finger or small brush to wet the edges so you get a good seal


Pop them in the oven as directed on your pastry dough box.

And now comes the hard part – waiting until they’re cool enough to eat and enjoy!


Happy thanksgiving! 20121122-192417.jpg



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