Thanksgiving Traditions

22 Nov

As the season of eating is upon us, it wouldn’t be right to leave today postless.

But instead of posting a turkey or stuffing recipe, I want to take a second and reflect on what we are today, as Americans.

First and foremost, we are a nation of immigrants. Just about all of us came here from somewhere else-or our ancestors did. And we have some traditions that we’ve adopted into our holiday festivities. It wasn’t until I left Miami that I began to appreciate all the Cuban culture I took for granted. From birthday party foods (what do you mean you don’t have ‘bocadito platters’? What else do you serve at a one year old’s party?) to holiday traditions of lechón, pastelitos, and turrón, food and language represents our strongest ties to our heritage; irrespective of location, these traditions make us feel “at home” even when we’re not.

So I’ll share one tradition I’m starting this year. Pastelitos de guayaba. Made at home. I don’t have time for all the phyllo dough, so I’ll be using puff pastry as a shortcu…errr, ‘substitute’ for the session.

While the pastry thaws (and I get guayaba before the grocery store closes!) I’d like to invite you to share – what are your thanksgiving traditions? If you haven’t made any, what are you waiting for? Start with my pastelitos. Stay tuned for the recipe!


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