28 Sep

A dash of Pinterest with a heaping tablespoon of reality….

Myndi Shafer

So, I have sixty Pinterest boards. Lots and lots of pretty pictures, lots and lots of really cool ideas, lots of funny, lots of sweet, lots of hell-yeah.

Pinning is addictive. So very addictive.

But I’ve become a couch-pinner. A pinner who pins but does not do. This does not sit well with me – I’ve always been a do-er, not a…*squinches nose*. What’s the opposite of a do-er? A not-do-er? A don’t-do-er? A ne’er-do-er?

Anyway, point is, somewhere between school, babies, books, and laundry, I’ve stopped doing anything that doesn’t fall into those categories. Small kine self preservation, but still, not healthy.

So on Sunday I sent the kids out for sticks, with the intention of making something with them that was a cross between this:

and this:


Wanna guess what I ended up making?

That’s right. Sticks on a Pizza Hut…

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